101 No Frills Relationship Lessons You Need Before You Marry (Marriage)

What you don’t know about marriage can’t only hurt your marriage; it can destroy your marriage. In this book, I take a deep dive into the lives of twenty people in the “Bible” to reveal powerful and practical relationship insights from their lives.

 “A wise person learns from their mistakes. A wiser person learns from other’s mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from the successes of others.” – John C Maxwell

If you want an exceptional relationship, then you must choose to learn from other people’s mistakes and successes. Fun to read, easy to digest, and simple to understand, this book gives you fresh, essential, and powerful perspective on what it takes to make your relationship thrive as it navigates the mistakes and successes of your favorite Biblical men and women.

You will find (1) 101 Life Lessons to strengthen your relationship (2) Scripture Meditations (3) Guided Prayers about each life lesson (4) Life Application exercises in the book.

Marriage is a commitment, use the lessons in this book to strengthen yours.


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