Emmanuel Ogunjumo

Business & Life Coach

As a business and life coach, I specialize in using bible principles, processes, strategies, and systems to help people (1) build and grow successful businesses and (2) to remove the obstacles preventing people from reaching their life goals.

What makes me unique is that "I actively practice what I preach"

My entrepreneurial exploits include being the co-owner of the TheSHEDBBQbr (#8 best BBQ in the U.S according to TravelAwaits) and adjoining Backyard Volleyball; co-founder of the LoveMinder App relationship app; starting and selling Xpress Pharmacy; and being the board advisor for Euphree E-Bikes.

I have served as a personal coach and counselor for over 10 years through my local church and serve on the board of Anchor Church South Florida. In this time period, I have authored several faith-based books on topics including finances, relationships, leadership, and spirituality; speak internationally. 

I have an advanced degree in Theology and Biblical Studies and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Degree

I like to travel and read in my spare and I am a huge fan of Arsenal Football Club. I live in Texas with my wife and kid.

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